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Reconnective Healing


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Reconnective Healing® is a healing modality that reconnects us with the intelligence of the Universe not just through a new set of healing frequencies but possibly through an entirely new bandwidth.  It reconnects us to the wholeness of ourselves through a comprehensive healing approach that transcends the complex rituals and techniques integral to today’s energy healing modalities.  It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not address mere symptoms.  It is something much, much more.

True healing is about living with balance.  If practitioners focus on getting rid of a symptom, they are focusing on getting rid of only a part of the problem – the physical, the mental, and the emotional manifestation of that problem.  In actual fact the less they know about why the person thinks he comes in, the better off that person is, because the less likely the practitioners are to focus on the symptom of the problem and therefore limit the outcome of the healing according to what others believe may or may not be possible.  Instead the practitioners step in with the consciousness of allowing that person to return to their peak vibration of energy, light and information.  Through creating the optimal conditions for the mind, body and spirit to come back into alignment, imbalances will self-correct, and the body will self-heal. 

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