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“I didn't quite know what to expect when I went in for my Yuen treatment, but Norman's gentle and non-judgmental demeanor immediately eased any apprehension I had when I walked into the session. Norman helped me probe various issues - ranging from feelings of abandonment to weight loss - and throughout the session, I could feel my body reacting positively to his corrections of every issue that came up. His ability to tell me things about myself that I had either forgotten or buried in my subconscious mind was uncanny and frankly blew me away. I walked out of my session feeling as if a great weight had been lifted off of my shoulders; I don't think I've ever felt as happy and light-hearted as I did that day after my Yuen treatment with Norman. After such a remarkable experience, I will certainly be seeing Norman for another session on my next visit to Hong Kong. In the meantime, I am looking for a Yuen method practitioner to visit in my own city, but if I'm unable to find one, Norman can actually continue my Yuen treatments remotely from Hong Kong. It's so easy, and the payoff is amazing - give it a try!” - K.S., New Orleans

“With very limited prior experiences to energy medicine, I was initially introduced to Peggy with skepticism hoping to seek help for my 3.5 year old son’s serve separation anxiety.  Only after our first session with Yuen Method, Peggy was able to diagnose in great details of both the genetic and physiological causes of my son’s worries.  The treatment of clearing these ‘layers’ of causes was instinct and non-invasive.  I saw immediate improvements on my son.  On top of that, Peggy has opened up my whole understanding and approaches to parenting.  I was no longer as easily affected by the little dramas that happen every day in my life with my families or children.  As a practitioner, Peggy is both personable and insightful; she is also extremely helpful in making herself available as much as possible. Both me and my family are truly grateful to have known Peggy and for all her help that we could have never gotten anywhere else.”- AW, Hong Kong


"I'd like to thank Peggy! After 3 sessions with her over SKYPE, I feel so much better. I don't understand how this works, but what she did in the sessions made a lot of sense and the end result is my healthier, more positive disposition. The first time I talked to Peggy, I felt so depressed and unhappy. I've felt like this for over 3 years! Everyday I'd wake up with so much sadness, but now, I don't feel the sadness. At the end of the the second session, I felt alot more relief. Now I can say I feel a little more positive about life. I feel like I can see a glimmer of hope that is waiting for me at the end of my tumultuous life. I think this is what Peggy meant that I needed some realignment, which I believe she has done for me. I don't know how my situation will turn out, but I feel I can face it better now." - LL, Hawaii


"I always feel so refreshed after a visit with Norman. His kind and pleasant demeanor adds to the experience. He somehow hones in on the exact root of the cause in each issue and manages to clear away the cobwebs that are attached. He has also been able to help treat my 8 year old son who now has a lot more confidence in himself. I have seen a big difference and feel much better. People also say that I look different these days and I know it is a result of visiting Norman. He seems to be popular among people I meet who also use his services." - LS, Hong Kong


"I used the Yuen Method with Peggy. First I felt very skeptical, two persons that I deeply admire referred me to her and I decided to give it a try. After my sessions I clearly realized the effects such us feeling 'lighter' after my sessions, like more 'at ease'. Peggy helped me to complete 100% my relationship with my father who died in 1998. In addition I got rid of my mild asthma and phobia for the air and crowds in Central HK; I feel now no stress when I walk around central. Thanks!"- IW, Hong Kong

"I heard about Peggy, through a friend when I was going through a terrible period in my life which manifested in horrific PMS. I was feeling desperately low before and during my cycle, to the point that I felt like I was being emotionally suffocated and could no longer function properly, particularly with my husband and two small children. After just one session with Peggy, I felt like a heavy blanket had been removed. Several sessions later, my body and my mind felt like it had returned to a state where there was a complete and total balance, and my previous afflictions no longer interfered with my life. 

The Yuen Method that Peggy utilizes is extraordinary and like no other therapy that I have had to resort to in the past. It is so simple, yet so effective. Peggy also has an extremely calming, welcoming, nonjudgmental nature which makes it very easy to open yourself up to her and embrace what your body is telling you, and how to deal with it. The Yuen Method never ceases to fascinate me and should any of my friends require help for any of their ailments/issues, I will thoroughly recommend Peggy and her expertise, as it is second to none. Thanks so much for your help and time Peggy, I really appreciate it."- SP, Hong Kong


"When I first visited Peggy with my then - 18 month old son, he had been in hospital six times during a period of 14 months. My husband and I were completely at the end of out tether, having been told by a pulmonary specialist that not only was he severley asthmatic but also the he was allergic to pretty much every vegetable, beef, lamb, wheat, dairy and eggs. Peggy, with her gentle and compassionate touch, treated our son and, since then, he has been stable for six months. The only medication he still takes is a low dose steroid inhaler and, having been diagnosed as being severely asthmatic, that is quite an accomplishment! Peggy now treats the whole family and her gentle manner never ceases to amaze us - she inspires confidence even in very young children and one never feels rushed when one is with her but the one stand-out feature of her treatments is that she always follows up to see whether there has been any improvement - such incredible dedication to get to the root of the problem is rare and it is the main reason why I would recommend her without hesitation!"- CP, Hong Kong

"I took my 5-year-old son to see Peggy for his allergies and eczema. His eczema used to be so bad that sometimes he would come home from school covered in bloody scratch marks. I didn't want to keep putting steroid cream on him and decided to try something different. Peggy treated him and was able to identify and shifted a lot of things that were affecting him at school.  After 4 or 5 treatments my son has basically stopped scratching at school. His skin has improved a lot. He can also eat tomato and eggs which he was allergic to. Imagine finally being able to eat pizza! Peggy is very caring and gentle and my son is always very happy to go see her. I am very glad that I have found a way to help my son without putting a lot of harmful substance on his tiny body."- EP, Hong Kong

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