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Norman Chan

I have developed a three-pronged approach over the years to help my clients improve their health, well-being and quality of life.


First is symptom relief. Focus is on relieving pain and mental distress . In addition, improving quality of sleep is vital to the rejuvenation of the body.


Second is to aim at removing the root cause of dysfunctions and misfortune in life. The process involves removing blockages in the body that make one’s personality rigid and resistant to changes. This type of blockages usually shows up during life crises such as relationship breakup, ill health, loss of a love one, business failure, failing in school, losing a job or accidents.


Third is to work toward enlightenment by gradually removing the ego from the person’s biological system. During this stage, active therapy is often combined with the client’s own spiritual practice. The goal is to empower the client to take charge of instead of allowing the ego to run his/her own life. At this stage, the person will gradually realize that true competition or threat is not from outside, rather it is from the ego inside. With practice, the client becomes adapted to deal with the ego that ultimately is the cause of all dis-ease and misfortune in life.


For most people, self-empowerment requires a long process and it involves a lot of peaks and valleys. I have been going through this journey myself. We at the Quantum Health Centre welcome you to join us on this journey and thank you for letting us help you go through the challenge that you need to face on your journey.

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