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Lisa Tang

People come into one’s life with the purpose of triggering oneself, pushing all of one’s buttons (for better or worse). The challenges, discord and disharmony one experiences with others are mirrors of one’s internal dissension, pointing to aspects of oneself and of one’s own psyche that are not fully integrated or compatible.  These same challenges are a direct reflection of one’s inner state, and thus become valuable opportunities for one’s personal realization and growth.  


Whether one is facing serious life challenges, engaged in self-enquiry or simply wanting to improve the overall quality of life, Lisa encourages and inspires, shedding light onto oneself as well as one’s shadow.  She uses her intuition and various consciousness and energy methods to identify one’s soul’s purpose, spell out the strengths and weaknesses in one’s personality, and help align oneself with one’s given path.  By engaging her clients to look deep and hard into life situations and experiences, she helps them face their inner self, thereby facilitating personal transformation and attaining holistic growth.

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