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Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

Muscle testing is a tool for us to tap into our subconscious mind.  In our clinical practice, we often refer to this tool as a human lie detector, allowing us to detect the truth that lurks somewhere inside our psyche that may otherwise elude our awareness.  Much research has revealed the power of our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is like a human computer, recording everything that has happened in our lives, as early as fetal lives.  Through practice, we have come to realize the subconscious mind knows exactly what is going on with us, and how it helps us heal ourselves.

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What is muscle testing? 

The body has within and surrounding it an energy grid, it is called meridians in Chinese acupuncture. Energy runs through the muscles via the energy grid in our body.  When our body and mind are in harmony, the energy runs through the muscles unimpeded.  When anything disrupts this energy grid and affects our body’s balance, our muscles will temporarily “short circuit” or weaken.  Things that can have an impact on our energy grid are thoughts and emotions, foods, and other substances.  Imbalances would create symptoms within us on physical, emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual levels.  Through muscle testing, we can tap into our subconscious mind and find out what events, who or what emotions are “weakening” our body.  This process is called applied kinesiology and is often referred to as “muscle testing” or muscle response testing (MRT).  Like a human lie detector without wires, one can ask one’s body questions and get clear answers – like making a direct phone call to one’s subconscious mind. 

In session, the therapist will be using the client’s body’s muscle response to find what might be the underlying causes behind his/her issues.  Because the subconscious mind knows everything about this person, we can ask yes or no questions and watch for how his/her energy grid responds.  If we make a statement that is true, the participant’s energy grid will continue to flow and the circuits remain strong, allowing your muscles to retain strength.  If we make a statement that is false, his/her energy system will temporarily short-circuit and his/her muscles will quickly weaken. 


In order to find out what the subconscious mind and body are congruent with, we can use many questions to get clues to what aspects might need to be addressed – physical or non-physical; psychological, mental, emotional or spiritual.  Some questions might be:

  • Is my craving for pleasure due to boredom? 

  • Is there a specific past event in my life that is contributing to this problem? 

  • Do I believe I can recover? If not, what are the root causes of this resistance?


If his/her muscles stay strong, that is a “yes” response.  His/her energy is flowing and the muscles are maintaining full power, which is interpreted as a positive response.  If the muscles weaken, it is a “no” answer.  His/her energy has temporarily stopped flowing through that muscle, which indicates a negative response, or it is his/her body’s signal that it does not agree with something.

How is muscle testing used in the one-on-one session?


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In some cases, we will share with the client how to use self-muscle testing (testing on his/her own muscles) to ask questions and get answers.  In other cases, we will be using surrogate muscle testing for the client.  Surrogate testing is muscle testing that is done on myself, for the participant.  Surrogate testing works similarly to how cell phones work.  Our bodies have an innate ability to connect to or “call” someone else.  When we do this, we create an energetic connection with them.  Once you’re connected, you can get answers about what is going on with this other person’s body, because you’re picking up their energetic flow or signal.  Surrogate work can also be used to strengthen energetic imbalances on another person too.  Once the therapist is connected to his/her energy field (and energy knows no space and time – just like when you’re thinking of someone and they call you!), it can be done in proximity or in a distance.

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