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Energy Psychology

Energy psychology or energy medicine is a form of health practice that is based on the findings of Chinese acupuncture, human psychology and quantum physics.  One of the premises of energy psychology is that our negative mindset and memories of previous trauma or shock cause blockages or weaknesses in the energy system of the body, leading to the development of diseases and other health issues eventually.  Negative mindset includes our negative or limiting thinking patterns and thoughts/beliefs; for example, “I need/must have/crave money, sex, a fix, good looks, respect, etc…”, or “My date is always late.”  We create, buy into, and take on these fixations from our ancestors, our parents and relatives, the people we socialize with, work, peer groups, our experiences, our environment, society in general, and so on.  These fixations become patterns that are “normal” ways for us to think and act. 


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One of the biggest paradoxes about human beings is that “we don’t support what we say we want, and we don’t let go of what we say we don’t want” (Malouf, 2016, p. 5).  When we accumulate many of them over days, weeks, months, and a lifetime, we get energetic blockages.  These accumulated energy blockages weaken us physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.  Eventually, the blockages manifest into symptoms, disorders, or diseases.  They are indications of some disharmony within ourselves.


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How does energy psychology work? 

A way of illustrating this comes from a phenomenon in quantum physics – that the act of observing a quantum particle causes it to change from a particle to a wave.  Observing a wave causes it to change to a particle.  Similarly, when the therapist connects a person’s symptom (e.g. pain, boredom or craving) to the life issue(s) that is/are the true cause(s) of the symptom, the act of observing the truth collapses the wave and the symptom either changes or clears away.  It is as simple as that!


Another feature of energy psychology is that it regards symptoms as a way for the body to communicate to our conscious mind.  They are clues or signals about imbalances in our lives and that we need to do something about it!  Our inner self turns up the “volume” and the symptoms get worse.  Symptoms are like alarms, informing or warning us that we are not living in our natural state of joy, wellness, vitality, and compassion.  Symptoms are neither right nor wrong, good nor bad. 

From our clinical experiences, the vast majority of the root causes of our symptoms are non-physical.  They are predominantly life issues.  Anything and everything in our life that bothers us causes our energy system to go weak.  What bothers us the most in life?  Issues we have with money, relationships, health, control, work, etc.  Our symptoms have intelligence and are pointing us to the life issues that are the root causes.  When the symptoms contain clues about what need to be addressed in a client’s life that is bothering him/her and creating the symptoms and illnesses, then the therapist can play an important role here to help identify those root causes and restore the energy balance in the client’s body and mind. 

Source: Malouf, L., 2016. Awake, Refreshed and Energized. Merrimack Media.

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