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Mindful Birthing Program


Shift happens

Every pregnancy is an unique and individual experience, from conception to labor, birth and parenting. During pregnancy, a number of body changes occurs to the expectant mother no matter in what size, shape, age or fitness one is. Many of these changes are obvious and easy to see, but what about the hidden physical and emotional changes? What about those unseen events happening within, as the pregnancy reaches full term?

As one of the great prenatal teachers, Gurmukh says, preparing for birth is like preparing for a triathlon. Not only do you have to prepare yourself physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. As we know, there is no birth rehearsal. So how can one prep oneself mentally and emotionally when one doesn’t know what one doesn’t know?

The Mindful Birthing Program is a niche offering that has grown out of the need for women to educate themselves with knowledge, understanding and confidence of their rights to a conscious, natural, calm childbirth. Regardless of a natural or a caesarean birth, this program is to guide women (couples) to expand their understanding of how the mind-body connection plays a key role in labor and how one can tap into one’s natural instinct to birth-in-awareness.

Program Overview

The Mindful Birthing Preparation Program combines the best parts of hypnosis for childbirth, yoga and other alternative methods into one compact course. The goal of this program takes on an experiential approach in transforming one’s knowledge of birthing into a practical one (e.g. gentle stretches, breathing/visualization exercises, fear/worry release techniques). Therefore, we help clients to gain more trust and skills in preparing for one’s birth.

These three 2-hour sessions are for the expectant mother and her partner (optional) to gain key information for birthing, experiencing relaxation and doing partner exercises.


Unit One – Creating a positive shift

- Understand how women’s bodies are perfectly designed by nature for birth

- Learn how natural birth really works and how to tap into one’s natural birthing instincts

- Learn to support one’s body in pregnancy and birth

- Formulate birth plans and select the right care provider / service provider

- Create positive birth images by viewing beautiful birthing videos

- Practice breathing techniques for relaxation

- Explore Energy Medicine and/or Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques

Unit Two – Falling in love with the baby / Preparing for one’s mind and body for birth

- Communicate with one’s unborn child – prenatal bonding techniques

- Explore and practice various rapid relaxation and visualization techniques

- Learn and practice breathing techniques for labor and birthing

- Explain birth companion’s role in birthing

- Prepare one’s body and mind with gentle yoga stretches, massage and toning

Unit Three – Welcoming the Baby

- Explain ways to naturally initiate labor vs artificial induction

- Explore how one’s body works throughout labor

- Learn fear releasing techniques

- Learn pain coping techniques

- Explore the use of sound, mantra and awareness techniques during the birthing process

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