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Philosophical Counseling


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Philosophical counseling, or clinical philosophy, has continued to expand over the last two decades and is attractive to clients who seek an alternative therapy to avoid medicalization of their general life problems that are easily labeled as diseases. The movement is rooted in the Socratic tradition (Socrates was a famous Greek philosopher) that views philosophy as a search for a happy or balanced life. A life without self-examination is not worth living, according to Socrates.


Philosophical consultation services are suitable for clients who look for a philosophical understanding of their life, social problems, or even mental issues. Clients may consult philosophical practitioners to explore life problems such as midlife crises, career changes, illnesses, death and dying, meanings of life, morality, marital and family conflicts. Philosophical counselors work within the field of existential investigation with clients to assist in the rethinking of their values and beliefs and come to a conflict resolution or redefine their life goals.


Philosophical counseling can be a stand-alone therapy or done in conjunction with other forms of therapy.

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