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Peggy Chiu

JES Network

The issues underlying the physical symptoms or emotional upheavals are entrenched in us all like layers of an onion. As the layers are gradually peeled off during the healing process, the deeper causes of one’s symptoms are exposed. Though tiresome and daunting at times, we start to gain a wider perspective in understanding the root causes of our issues.  Once these root causes are identified consciously, such realizations provide further clarity for one to understand the core of one’s issues.  The healing journey empowers the transformation of the layers of limitations into profound wisdom and resilience within oneself.  This has been true in my own journey of healing and I have adopted this approach with my clients in addressing and eliminating physical discomforts as well as stresses and emotional burdens triggered by work, people, and relationships.   


In addition to seeing clients with chronic health issues such as allergies, skin problems, indigestion, insomnia, addiction, anxiety and stresses, grief, and losses, I have developed a special interest in working with mothers and children. Not only do I address issues ranging from unplanned pregnancy, infertility, anxiety associated with difficult births, I also assist mothers to engage mind-body connection during labor and to overcome the challenges at various stages of parenting. With children and teens, I work with them on symptoms such as sleep issues, unexplained crying or moodiness, lack of focus in class and in life, and other learning challenges.  


I received my chaplaincy training at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  In my ministry as a therapist-chaplain, I am committed to walking with my clients on their personal development journeys - to facilitate and witness their self-discovery and transformation along the way. During the process, I become more present, clear, and aware of their thoughts and actions. 


Click here for an interview I had with Jessica Magazine where we spoke about energy psychology.  

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